Racial Profiling Hearing



Chansino Eang, a program youth, testifies to experiences with racial profiling.

On April 17, representatives from the Rhode Island House heard testimonials and arguments for and against the Comprehensive Racial Profiling Prevention Act. Two youth from PrYSM gave testimonies. PrYSM and other organizations in the Coalition Against Racial Profiling have been trying to pass this bill for two years now.

Come support the Racial Profiling Bill at the RI Statehouse, Feb 4, at 4pm!!!

Help us spread the word! This February, RI Coalition Against Racial Profiling is celebrating Rosa Parks’ 100th birthday with a press conference and rally for the Comprehensive Racial Profiling Prevention Act. The press conference will take place at the Rhode Island State House, at 4 PM sharp.

Last year, on Jan. 25th, the Coalition Against Racial Profiling held a press conference, just before Rep. Grace Diaz introduced the Comprehensive Racial Profiling Prevention Act (H-7256) in the RI House of Representatives.

We are so close! This year we need your support more than ever. Come out and support our youth, our community, and the Racial Profiling Bill! Together we can stop racial profiling!

What: Stop Racial Profiling Press Conference
Where: Rhode Island State House
82 Smith St, Providence, RI 02903
When: 4:00PM, February 4 2012


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Rosa Parks, sitting on a bus in Montgomery, AL

Racial Profiling March and Rally NEXT WEDNESDAY, May 23!

PrYSM and the Coalition Against Racial Profiling are putting out a call to action on Wednesday, May 23rd!

The Comprehensive Racial Profiling Prevention Act is being held in committee in both the RI House and Senate. We are standing up as people of color, youth, and allies in the struggle, to demand our legislators to put the bill to a vote and pass it!

Meet at 3 pm at Central/Classical. March to the Public Safety Complex. Rally at the State House at 4:15 pm. Hear speakers talk about their experiences being targeted by the police and why we need to pass this bill.

Every day, people of color in our communities continue to be targeted, searched, and harassed by police– the very people who are supposed to protect us. We cannot wait any longer.

Stand with us to take back our streets and demand justice!

Please print the flyer below and put it up in your school or workplace!


Getting close! Please sign our petition!

As of this post, we had 325 signatures on our petition, more than halfway towards our goal of 500!

Help us tell Rhode Island legislators that all people deserve to be treated with respect by the police, regardless of skin color or dress.

Our communities know that racial profiling is a reality. We’ve watched our friends, neighbors, and family members getting treated as criminals and second-class citizens. Many of us have experienced racial profiling ourselves.

Please sign our petition and help us make our legislators understand that racial profiling is an issue that can’t be swept under the rug any longer.

If you’ve already signed, thank you! All we ask is that you forward the petition to five of your friends. It only takes a minute, and by signing, you can help us make our communities safer.

Coming soon: Updates on our hearing with the House Judiciary Committee and the Youth Racial Profiling Workshop! Stay tuned!

Sign our petition!

We’re about a third of the way toward reaching our goal of 500 signatures!

Please take a moment to click here and sign our change.org petition, which will be sent directly to Governor Chaffee and leaders in the RI General Assembly. And feel free to share the link by posting it on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blog, bulletin board, T-shirt, car bumper, etc.

It’s a quick and easy way to tell your legislators why they should pass the Comprehensive Racial Profiling Prevention Act and help keep our communities safe.

Racial Profiling Press Conference

On Jan. 25th, the Coalition Against Racial Profiling held a press conference, just before Rep. Grace Diaz introduced the Comprehensive Racial Profiling Prevention Act (H-7256) in the RI House of Representatives.

Youth organizers from the Providence Youth Student Movement held signs that read, “Do I look suspicious?” and “Is my skin color a crime?” as legislators and representatives from the Coalition spoke about the bill. Senator Metts, Rep. Valencia, and Rep. Diaz all spoke about the need for legislation to curb racial profiling practices by the police. Chansino Eang and Jenna Alcantara from PrYSM also spoke to introduce “Fitting the Description,” the short documentary that PrYSM and Youth In Action created to expose community members’ experiences of racial profiling in Rhode Island.

We had a great turnout at the press conference, including members of local community organizations, media representatives, family members, legislators, and lots of young people! PrYSM also displayed the photo project that we have been working hard to put together, which you can find uploaded under the “Media” tab. After the press conference was over, the youth headed over to the House chambers to show our support as Rep. Diaz officially introduced the bill.

Click here to read the article in the Providence Journal about the press conference!